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I removed my order form because it had become unreliable, so I'm simply inviting people to email me instead, on

kinkyarielanderssen@gmail. com.  The following information would be much appreciated;

How long you'd like the movie to be

Whether you're happy for me to shoot it myself, or whether you'd like a camera operator for moving shots

What you'd like me to wear

A brief description of the story

Which country you're in, so that I can send you appropriate payment options.

I aim to reply to everyone who writes to me, within a week.  If I accept your commission, I'll give you a date I plan to shoot, a delivery date (normally within 24 hours of the shoot itself), and will give you a date I'll need you to pay by. This is normally the week before the shoot.

Rest assured, that if your movie isn't something I think I can do well, I'll do my best to refer you to a more suitable

performer, and if I say 'no' to your request, I'll do so with kindness and respect.

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