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I believe in having a simple pricing structure, with no annoying hidden costs. So here they are:


5 minute movie     100 GBP 

10 minute movie  150 GBP

15 minute movie  180 GBP

20 minute movie  210 GBP

30 minute movie  250 GBP

Exclusive videos that won't be published anywhere else (including anything that uses your name extensively) doubles the price but means you'll be the only person ever to see it! For any videos that include penetrative acts, there's a £50 surcharge because there's a limit to what my body can cope with each week.

The only extra cost to you is if you require specialist clothing, props that I don't already own, or extra members of cast/crew (normally this adds £75 per crew/cast member, per video). I maintain an excellent wardrobe including latex, vintage, spandex, nylons, pantyhose and lingerie as well as mainstream clothing, so I'll do my best to help you.


I take payment via bank transfer, or by gift card if preferred, the week before the shoot. If other models are involved, payment a month before is very welcome. When I send you my payment details, I also give you a shoot/delivery date so you can look forward to receiving your movie shortly.


So go for it; email me and get production started today!

copyright Hywel Phillips

Image copyright Hywel Phillips

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